Tobacco Grower Problems - Ledley Baxley 12/19/00 3:31 PM

My name is Ledley Baxley from Appling County.  I grow 17 acres of
tobacco each year and make a marginal profit that helps me pay taxes on
my farm and keep it going.  Without my profits from tobacco, added to my
cotton income, I would be unable to farm, which is my life-long job.

I understand one of the things that you propose to do is change the
barns in which we cure our tobacco.  I figure this would cost me about
$4000 per barn and with my total of five barns, this would be
$20,000---which is more than my annual profit.

We tobacco farmers have enough problems already---low prices, bad
seasons, the tobacco wilt and other diseases, insect problems and the
increasing costs of insecticides, the accelerated cost of fuel,
increased labor costs, competition from imported tobacco...add another
and it spells the end to tobacco growing in this country, and
consequently the end of many farmers and the loss of their farms.

Your consideration of me and other tobacco farmers and our plight will
be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,
Ledley Baxley
Azalea Rd, Box 250 NW
Baxley, GA  31513
Phone: 912-367-2304