Keep Tobacco in the Hands of the Producer - Louis Smither, Tobacco Farmer, Warehouseman, Weston, MO, 11/6/00 12:47PM

My brief comments on what I feel must be addressed to protect, rebuild, and ensure the future of the U.S. tobacco farmers. 

These points are ones that I have had for two years of watching the situation that we as burley producers have been in.  My thoughts do not waver from one day to the next or one year to the next.     

1.  Tobacco must get into the hands of the actual producer --by buyout of quotas or any other means within the law.     

2.  The U.S. tobacco producer, the burley producer must compete better in the world market.  Tobacco in the hands of the producer can better allow the export market to improve.  We all know that price is an issue.     

3.  Reinstate the Domestic Content Law.  Removal of this law created its share of the current turmoil.

My thoughts for your information