Addendum, Solution tobacco growers / quota owners - Graham Quinn 12/21/00 3:07 PM

Buyout of quota, Yes. (Lugar Plan).

Buyout over two to three years, Yes.

Buyout over twenty years as some have suggested, NO!  I have not met one farmer (grower / quota owner or combination thereof) that does not favor a sensible buyout.

The only people that I have heard favor a long term buyout are people that do not derive their livelihood from farming.  We don't need to suck the back teat until we starve over a long period of years.

A buyout over a very few years would be very beneficial as it would provide needed funds to assist with the transition to a different way of doing business.

To take quota without compensation, would be unjust and unfair (quota purchased, or land purchased with quota on land or transferred with land has been the norm and sanctioned by the Federal Government for years).

Graham Quinn
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