Tobacco Issue- Holly DeClerk, 11/13/00 10:19AM

I personally think it is stupid to pay the farmers a lot of our tax money just so you can turn right back around & sue them for growing the tobacco because it is causing cancer. If you are going to pay the farmers for growing tobacco, I think you should make a law or something that says that the person smoking or using the tobacco product, should know the problems that it will cause & the government should stick to it. I think it is the own persons fault for getting the cancer, not the governments or the farmers. Even though the tobacco packs currently have the note on it, the people either don't read it or don't care about it. But when they get cancer they expect you to do something about it. I say tell them it is their own fault & make it were they can't sue the tobacco companies for dying of cancer. I say it is just about the same as committing suicide, because they know the risk, but continue to smoke or use the tobacco.


Holly DeClerk