Addictive Cigarettes - Rosemary Aldridge 12/27/00 3:14 PM  

I am a smoker, and I am not proud of it....I hate cigarettes! But, I cannot understand why the FDA cannot approve them as a drug.....they are. I have researched this addiction and it is known by many doctors, that it can be as strong as heroin. Thank God I never tried anything stronger. It is clear that they were designed to be addictive. It is clear that upping the taxes on tobacco products does not stop people from buying. The Children's Smoking courses, designed to keep teens from smoking, is a total failure. Why not use those extra taxes as a tool to provide us "addicts" free patches or whatever works? In this world of vast technology, can't someone come up with an answer, besides the BIG GOVERNMENT, that is not costly to us or just what is the answer? I feel for the tobacco farmers who are greatly discriminated against.....doesn't President Clinton indulge in cigars as he is often depicted....& bourbon. Why should we tax payers pay for his cigars....AND his other indulgences? Wasn't it the Clinton administration that started all this "stuff".....can we find no peace on earth....everything we do is either bad, wrong, unhealthy, or discriminative-if we can offer foreign countries Trillions of dollars to make certain administrations "look good" in the history books...NOT TO FEED THE HUNGRY AND DISEASED.....and we have millions of those here at home.....can we use those funds to help @ home first?