core principles - Joe S. Reams, III, 11/20/00 7:29AM

Tobacco growers should be sure to read and accept "core principles". I have. It will mean that you are putting aside much of the silly bickering of the past. The companies were big on having those "industry" meetings in which they encouraged us to stick together since we were all in it together, like one big "family". They'd have this "homespun", slow talking guy up there talking about those crazy "health people" and all the lies they told. He'd stand up there & puff his pipe while he talked. I sort of felt (even then) that we were being fed a line. I urge my fellow tobacco farmers not to allow themselves to be stuck in that old mindset. These "health people" have goals in all of this and we should listen and try to help them be attained. If we don't accept the core principles, we don't have a chance at getting any of our own goals met. Let's don't be too rigid in wanting to keep the status quo (it's HISTORY). While they're talking about a buyout, let's help them make it happen. We don't need to be trying to solve the world's tobacco marketing woes. Let's get the money in the bank first. Here in Florida, tobacco farmers aren't getting the state assistance some of you are. We're hurting now.