Tobacco Farmer: Hear Our Cry! - Ware County Young Farmers Organization 12/22/00 9:21 AM

Hear our cry!!!!!

The American Tobacco Farmer has been dealt more than his/her share of  blows.  Would you appreciate a government who lays the foundation for a tobacco program several decades ago and in the year 2000 has decided that the entire program was a mistake?

Divorce the American Tobacco farmer then!!!! But please, these men and women, who rely solely on this commodity to "pay the bills" need recompense.  They deserve the government's apology to be given out in the form of money.  These farmers are the innocent victims of yet another "Big Government Debate".  The treatment victims receive from this type debate is always anything except desirable.

Can we, as a country, continue to drag innocent victims to the bottom of the kettle and leave them to drown?  We seem to have all the answers for criminals, mothers of children who need medical aid, monetary assistance and the elderly with social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.  How then, can we seemingly be so ungrateful for the years and years of dedicated, effort these farmers and their ancestors before them have so unselfishly devoted to the prosperity of our country.

Hear our cry!!!  Give these men and women what they deserve, and that is: a monetary return for quota lost and/or a total buyout for allotment lost and presently accounted for. These farmers need this money NOW!!!!  Not a little now, a little next year and/or over a 20 year time frame.  These farmers cannot be toyed with!!!

Many intelligent people believe, we're sure, that if the government waits and postpones the issue as long as possible, then these farmers will sell out or find another line of work.  We're sure a lot of these farmers will be forced to just that.

Hear our cry!: Is this what we really want? :  When these men and women leave these farms, they WON'T return and young adults don't just START farming.  The ripple effect may cause more damage than government is equipped to handle.  What effects could you imagine from so many farms just halting in our country.

Maybe you think that just these few tobacco farms  won't have a great effect on local economies, you need to think again!  Take a closer look and investigate how many dollars are generated in Tobacco farm areas of our country and you will find that this industry is a very large contributor to the economies it touches.

Hear our cry!: We want the government to take a very forthright action, and take that action before December 31, 2001.

Too many lives are at stake!  Help preserve a way of life and the future for young farmers whose very lives depend now and tomorrow on this commodity.

Ware County Young Farmers Organization
Ware County, Georgia