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Title Page, The Commission, Contents (PDF, 14K) (HTML, 6K)

Preface (PDF, 59K) (HTML, 39K)

Recommendations to Congress (PDF, 139K) (HTML, 103K)

The Commission: Its History and Process (PDF, 108K) (HTML, 100K)

Chapter 1:   Consumer Bankruptcy

    Introduction (PDF, 103K) (HTML, 76K)
    System Administration (PDF, 52K) (HTML, 42K)
    Property Exemptions (PDF, 120K) (HTML, 99K)
    Reaffirmation Agreements and the Treatment of Secured Debt (PDF, 140K) (HTML, 120K)
    Discharge, Exceptions to Discharge and Objections to Discharge (PDF, 220K) (HTML, 190K)
    Chapter 13 Repayment Plans (PDF, 311K) (HTML, 243K)

Chapter 2:   Business Bankruptcy

    Introduction (PDF, 42K) (HTML, 35K)
    Treatment of Mass Future Claims in Bankruptcy (PDF, 167K) (HTML, 130K)
    Transnational Insolvency (PDF, 78K) (HTML, 59K)
    Partnerships (PDF, 299K) (HTML, 253K)
    General Issues in Chapter 11 (PDF, 683K) (HTML, 574K)
    Small Business Proposals (PDF, 189K) (HTML, 165K)
    Single Asset Proposals (PDF, 182K) (HTML, 192K)

Chapter 3:   Jurisdiction, Procedure and Administration

    Introduction (PDF, 31K) (HTML, 25K)
    Jurisdiction (PDF, 289K) (HTML, 249K)
    Procedure (PDF, 205K) (HTML, 169K)
    Administration (PDF, 201K) (HTML, 177K)
    State Sovereign Immunity in Bankruptcy after Seminole Tribe (PDF, 93K) (HTML, 79K)

Chapter 4:   Other Recommendations and Issues

    Introduction (PDF, 12K) (HTML, 8K)
    Data Compilation and Dissemination (PDF, 84K) (HTML, 61K)
    Taxation and the Bankruptcy Code (PDF, 131K) (HTML, 110K)
    Chapter 9: Municipal Bankruptcy Relief (PDF, 97K) (HTML, 72K)
    Chapter 12: Bankruptcy Relief for Family Farmers (PDF, 89K) (HTML, 73K)

Chapter 5:   Individual Commissioner Views (PDF, 753K)

    Babette A. Ceccotti (HTML, 3K)
    Babette A. Ceccotti and Hon. Robert E. Ginsberg (HTML, 9K)
    Babette A. Ceccotti, Hon. Edith Hollan Jones and James I. Shepard (HTML, 10K)
    John A. Gose, Jeffery J. Hartley, Hon. Edith Hollan Jones and James I. Shepard (HTML, 4K)
    Jeffery J. Hartley and John A. Gose (HTML, 11K)
    Hon. Edith Hollan Jones and James I. Shepard (HTML, 176K)
    John A. Gose and Jeffery J. Hartley (HTML, 9K)
    Hon. Edith Hollan Jones and James I. Shepard (HTML, 92K)
    Hon. Edith Hollan Jones (HTML, 4K)
    Hon. Edith Hollan Jones (HTML, 23K)
    Hon. Edith Hollan Jones (HTML, 106K)
    James I. Shepard (HTML, 105K)
    James I. Shepard, John A. Gose and Hon. Edith Hollan Jones (HTML, 14K)
    John A. Gose, Hon. Edith Hollan Jones and James I. Shepard (HTML, 7K)
    Chairman's Note (HTML, 5K)



  1. Acknowledgments [PDF] [HTML]

  2. Background on the Commission

    1. Commission Update [PDF] [HTML]
    2. Biographical Sketches for Senior Advisers and Legal Staff [PDF] [HTML]
    3. Commission Vision and Mission Statements [PDF] [HTML]
    4. List of Commission-Related Speaking Engagements by the Commission Chairman [PDF] [HTML]

  3. Data Collection

    1. Report of the Bankruptcy Statistics Task Force of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts [PDF]
    2. Report by Professor Lynn M. LoPucki, "Enhancing the Accessibility and Effectiveness of Bankruptcy Information" [PDF]

  4. Jurisdiction and Venue Materials

    1. Graph Depicting Age of Bankruptcy Judges at End of Current Terms (Prepared by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts - Bankruptcy Judges Division) [PDF]
    2. Federal Judicial Center Report on Chapter 11 Venue Choice by Large Public Companies [PDF]
    3. Report of the Delaware State Bar Association in Support of Maintaining Existing Venue Choices [PDF]

  5. Transnational

    1. Report by Professor Jay Westbrook on UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency [PDF]

  6. Government

    1. Final Report of the Tax Advisory Committee [PDF]
    2. Report of the United States Department of Justice Bankruptcy Working Group [PDF]
    3. Suggestions on Behalf of the United States Trustee Program [PDF]
    4. Issues Identified by the Division of Enforcement and Office of General Counsel of the Securities and Exchange Commission [PDF]
    5. Proposals by the National Association of Attorneys General [PDF]

  7. Consumer Bankruptcy

    1. Reports
      1. American Bankruptcy Institute Consumer Bankruptcy Reform Forum Report [PDF]
      2. Analysis of Bankruptcy Exemption Policy (Prepared by Hon. William H. Brown and Professor Lawrence Ponoroff) [PDF]
      3. Discharge and Dischargeability in Consumer Bankruptcy Memorandum (Prepared by Hon. Samuel L. Bufford, Professor Margaret Howard, Professor Jeffrey W. Morris and Hon. Eugene R. Wedoff) [PDF]
    2. Statistical Analysis
      1. Consumer Bankruptcy: Causes and Implications (Prepared by Visa U.S.A. Inc. Consumer Bankruptcy Reports) [PDF]
      2. Personal Bankruptcy: A Report on Petitioners' Ability- to-Repay (Prepared by Drs. John M. Barron, Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University, and Michael Staten, Director, Credit Research Center, Georgetown University School of Business) [PDF]
      3. Credit Card Defaults, Credit Card Profits, and Bankruptcy (Prepared by Professor Lawrence M. Ausubel) [PDF]
      4. Evaluations of Three Studies Submitted to the National Bankruptcy Review Commission (Prepared by Kim Kowalewski, Congressional Budget Office) [PDF]

    3. Debtor Counseling

      1. Introducing a Debtor Education Program into the U.S. Bankruptcy System: A Roadmap for Change (Prepared by Professor Karen Gross) [PDF]
      2. Background on the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter 13 Debtor Education/Credit Rehabilitation Program (Prepared by Tim Truman and Tom Powers, Standing Chapter 13 Trustees) [PDF]
      3. The Effect and Scope of Credit Rehabilitation Following the Successful Completion of a Chapter 13 Plan (Prepared by Frank M. Pees, Standing Chapter 13 Trustee) [PDF]


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