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Tobacco Commission - Preliminary Report Comments Received
Tobacco Quota Buyout - Sidney J. Brandon, Jr., 1/26/01 1:53PM
Regulation of tobacco - Berkeley Rulon-Miller, 1/26/01 10:38AM
Smoking - Robert Spence, 1/26/01 6:10PM
This is America - JB, 1/26/01 6:38PM
Assisting Tobacco Farmers and their communities with diversifying from tobacco - Walter Thompson Dundas Virginia, 1/27/01 9:01AM
A great start - Joe Reams, 1/27/01 8:51PM
FDA regulation -, 1/27/01 11:42PM
the report on regulating tobacco - Deborah Cousins, 1/28/01 5:09PM
Innovation in the face of fear - Trying, 2/2/01 10:26AM
Comments on Draft Report - Stan Murphy, 2/9/01 12:21AM
tobacco buyout - William Stephens, 2/11/01 7:34PM
Health Groups Concerned??????? - JCam, 2/09/01 1:06PM
Tobacco Buyout - Paul McKinney, 2/14/01 10:03PM
President's Commission: Comments and Cover Letter - Philip Morris USA, 2/14/01 6:47PM
Comments for the Commission - C. Stan Eury, Jr., 2/15/01 4:43PM
Of Concern to Growers/Quotaholders - Joe Reams, 2/16/01 6:49PM
Tobacco Buyout - C.L. Holt, 2/16/01 8:49PM
Tobacco Buyout - C.L. Holt Clarksville Tenn 37042, 2/18/01 6:18PM
tobacco buyout - sucide farmer, 2/21/01 4:12PM
More Bureaucracy - Wanda Hamilton, 2/21/01 11:24PM
Tobacco Regulation - Jacque Petterson, 2/22/01 5:53AM
FDA and tobacco - Jacque Petterson, 2/22/01 6:05AM
Meeting 2/21/01 - C.L. Holt, 2/22/01 5:40PM
teenage smoking and tobacco company coverups -, 2/23/01 1:57AM
Campaign for Tobacco-free kids or Campaign for Oxygen free babies -, 2/23/01 2:54AM
Letter to Tobacco Commission - Brad Rodu, 2/23/01 10:03AM
A Meaningful Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program - Phil Konigsberg, 2/23/01 5:50PM
Comments of Lorillard Tobacco Company - Steve Watson, 2/26/01 1:50PM
Tobacco quota buyout - Richard Johnston, Jr., 3/1/01 8:33PM
everybody wants a piece - broke tobacco farmer, 3/3/01 4:39PM
North Carolina Farm Bureau - Larry B. Wooten, 3/12/01 11:12AM
Tobacco Commission - Kevin Morgan, 3/13/01 12:45PM
tobacco buy out and alternative crops - B H Casey, 3/13/01 2:29PM
Letter to the Commission Members of the President's Commission on Economic Opportunity in Communities Dependent on Tobacco Production While Protecting Public Health - Paul L. Perito, 3/14/01 4:53PM
Focus on Farmers - Joe Reams, 3/15/01 10:27PM
Sub-committee recommendations - Will E. Clark, 3/19/01 9:49AM
replay to president tobacco commission - Haywood J.Hamlet, 3/27/01 2:27PM
Tobacco Quota Owner and Grower - KALLENJD@AOL.COM, 3/30/01 8:55PM
buyout money - broke farmer, 3/31/01 2:18PM
Comments on Preliminary Report - Swedish Match North America, 4/12/01 12:17PM
buyout - Doug Jones, 4/16/01 9:09AM
Conference on Tobacco Regulation in the European Community - Romain Gaasch, 4/26/01 8:59AM
Buyout proposal - Sandy Barnes, 5/2/01 9:09PM
President Bush - Reams Farm, 5/4/01 10:29PM
Idea for the Commissions Report - Tom Gourley, 5/7/01 2:59PM
impacts on tobacco producers - Dixie Watts Reaves, 5/7/01 4:53PM

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