the report on regulating tobacco - Deborah Cousins, 1/28/01 5:09PM

I just finished reading the report on regulating tobacco use by FDA.  As an
adult, this is just another attempt of chopping away at my freedom of choice.
If this is passed, then you are telling me I can quit my job and go on NYS
disability for "drug" dependency.  Not bad, I can collect a monthly income,
have free medical help, and yet continue using my tobacco.  What a bunch of
idiots!  Raising the tax on the tobacco didn't work (thank God for the
Indians, who dislike the govt. telling them what to do), and the loss of huge
tax anticipation threw NYS into a frenzy of finding what else they could tax
more to compensate for it.  One place you forgot to blame us for is for the
"global warming," and WHO DID THAT.  Big industries, etc.  Give us tobacco
smokers a break.  Your message got out and people have either decreased or
stopped their habit.  Concentrate more on the human aspects (rather than the
money makers for YOU, not us the public, of course) of housing, hunger, child
abuse, etc.  This is America, is it not?  I wonder

Deborah Cousins
970 Hartwig Road
Olean, NY 14760