A Meaningful Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program - Phil Konigsberg, 2/23/01 5:50PM  

Although I have not reviewed the entire commission report, I would suggest that this nation must take an immediate and very hard stand in dealing with its number one public health epidemic: tobacco related diseases.

The most compelling need for this country's welfare is immediate Congressional action to authorize the Food and Drug Administration to have total control over the use of nicotine delivery systems, mainly cigarettes and cigars.

We also need a national policy that will oversee a comprehensive tobacco control program that will expeditiously drive down the rates of tobacco consumption in our country while protecting the right of an individual from having to breathe tobacco smoke in any public location including their right to work in a smokefree environment.

Based on the history of lies, deceit and deception that have been documented by millions of secret tobacco industry documents recently made public by the Master Tobacco Settlement, the tobacco industry should not have any involvement in the legislative and executive actions necessary to bring about the recommendations I am making.

Thank you for the opportunity to be heard.