Of Concern to Growers/Quotaholders - Joe Reams, 2/16/01 6:49PM  

Why is it that every farmer that writes in is in support of a buyout, but a "Grower's" organization is trying to cut the legs from under the efforts of the commission?  Are they representing the sentiments of growers or the companies?  Phillip Morris has made it clear in their posted comments that they are not in support of a buyout.  If these in leadership position begin parroting PM this whole deal is dead.  I realize that NC calls the shots in tobacco.  All I can say is that they're not representing every tobacco farmer I know here in FL.  I encourage tobacco farmers in every producing state, including NC, to support this commission and their proposal for a buyout and to make sure your representatives in your growers organizations as well as in congress are speaking your language.  Let's don't be mislead into rallying against this opportunity as we have in the past.  We've been made buffoons of before.  Remember "Keep FDA off the Farm"?  Joke was on us.  FDA was never coming on the farm and won't with this proposal.  Let's rally support for this commission.  They're going to get enough opposition from some real heavyweights.  Let's at least have a consensus of the ACTUAL growers and quota holders.  Likely it's our last opportunity at getting real relief.