Tobacco regulation - Jacque Petterson, 2/22/01 5:53AM  

To Berkeley Rulon-Miller.  You say you are selfinsured.  I hope it is for a lot, as you could at least pay the medical expenses for the non-smokers who inhale your smoke.  I, unlike you, have chosen NOT to smoke ALL of my life, but as a direct result of having been subjected to secondhand smoke against my will, I now have adult onset asthma.  Now I take in one whiff of shs, and I start coughing and choking.  More than just a whiff and I can barely breathe the rest of the night.

Unless you are choosing to do your smoking all alone at least 50 plus feet away from everyone else, your decision to smoke is not yours alone.  You are forcing others to inhale the over 4000 deadly chemicals without the benefit of a filter.

My husband and I purchased a condo not knowing shs travels between walls, through electrical outlets, etc.  We have a smoker downstairs, and her smoke fills our home.  She was gone for awhile, and it was lovely in here until this week.  She's back, and I didn't realize it until too late.  I caught quite a bit of the smoke before I realized it, and I am having trouble breathing at this moment.  I am typing this to take my mind off the pain, and to know I am at least clearing the air somewhere about shs.  Guess I will be living with masks over my face again.  I just wish smokers understood how much pain they cause others.

Yes, I want tobacco regulated, and off the market.  The recall of tires came as a result of less than 100 deaths.  Tobacco surpassed that zillions of times ago.