Innovation in the face of fear - Trying, 2/2/01 10:26AM

The tobacco companies are the enemy of everyone.  I suggest that US tobacco farmers become the masters of their trade.  Become advocates for health and healthy consumption.  I suggest that US tobacco farmers create their own tobacco standards and corporations for the safest growing, production and purity standards.  Look to California Certified Organic Standards as an example.
The Calif farmers became their own marketing and production advocates.  They took back their trade from the government and the production and processing from the deadly and cheating conglomerates.  If tobacco farmers became innovative they could justify having more expensive crop prices.  Let the over seas markets choke on deadly additives and make US produce cigarettes the envy of
the world.  Don't look to the old system of government and tobacco mosters to buy you out, look to the world market and crease a demand for quality American Made products.  Cigarettes may kill, but they don't have to be as deadly.  What if 4,000 chemicals could be reduced to 1,000?  I think smokers would see this as progress.  It may not be healthy, but it's the best choice for those addicted.  What do you think?