Tobacco Commission - Kevin Morgan, 3/13/01 12:45PM  

Tobacco Commission
Stop 0574
1400 Independence Ave, SW
Washington D.C. 20250-0574 

It was a pleasure speaking with you about the Tobacco Commission and the Sub-committee recommendations you recently posted on your web site. Florida Farm Bureau supports the purpose and efforts of the Tobacco Commission and we are encouraged by our first look at the preliminary reports. We too , are very concerned about the future viability of tobacco farming and the impact any future losses could have on both growers and the communities in which they live.

I have briefly reviewed the Tobacco Program sub-committee report and believe it to be a very well done document. While supportive of the report in general there are certain sections (such as FDA authority over tobacco) that are in opposition to existing Farm Bureau policy. I have discussed the report with a few growers on an individual basis and they feel it contains many positives and are anxious to learn more about the commission and your proposal. I intend to distribute copies of the report to our Tobacco Advisory Committee for a thorough review and encourage them to comment on the document.

Thank you for providing the information in a timely and easily obtained manner so that all farmers can read the report. Tobacco production is very important to a significant sector of Florida Agriculture and we will continue our support for tobacco farmers.



Kevin Morgan

Associate Director