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Updated January 14, 2001

21st Century Skills Network

Access America


Conversations with America


EEO Task Force


Federal Workplace


Hassle-Free Service

High Impact Agencies

Managing for Results

Performance-Based Organizations

Plain Language

Reinvention Labs and Waivers

Reinventing Regulation

Welfare to Work

Since 1993, the National Performance Review (which became the National Partnership for Reinventing Government in 1998) has developed initiatives to tackle areas in need of reform. We have mobilized staff and resources across government to study issues and take action. Some of our initiatives have been spun off to appropriate agencies for implementation as reinvention began to take hold. Procurement reform, which has been wildly successful, is a good example. Below are some of our current or recent initiatives. Also see Partnerships.

Access America - Reengineering Through Information Technology. Plans and progress toward using information technology to deliver government services electronically.

Benchmarking - Measuring government's practices and performance against the best in the world.

Conversations with America - Encouraging federal workers all over government to discuss how to improve customer service with the American public.

Community: Involving cross-agency federal and local partnerships to demonstrate services that get results at less cost.

EEO Task Force: improving the fairness and efficiency of the Federal Sector EEO process and stimulating changes that will prevent discrimination. (NPR, EEOC, and interagency)

Family - Strengthening families and their communities.

Federal Workplace - Making our services and workplace so good we're proud to be working for and with our fellow citizens.

G-Gov - Linking information and place in the Information Age.

Hassle-Free Service - Working toward a customer-driven government that matches or exceeds the best service available in the private sector.

High Impact Agencies - Helping 32 federal agencies that serve the most Amercians transform their entire organization.

Managing for Results - Using the Results Act of 1993 to develop a high-performing, outcome-driven, fully accountable federal government.

Performance-Based Organizations - Using mixed public-private sector models for providing services in a balanced budget world.

Plain Language - Getting government publications written in language you can read and understand.

Reinvention Labs and Waivers - Cutting through excessive bureaucracy and micromanagement to find better ways to get things done.

Skills for a New Century - A Blueprint for Lifelong Learning

Welfare to Work - Leading by example in the Federal government: Setting goals, finding useful and rewarding jobs, and meeting commitments for those transitioning from welfare to work.

10/16/00: Agencies on Reivention: Mission Accomplished

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