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Updated March 17, 2000

Welcome to our Managing for Results web page. You'll find here a collection of recent and current documents to help practitioners and people with an interest in results-oriented government.

The present federal interest in managing for results is driven in large part by the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993, often called GPRA or the Results Act. This Act requires federal agencies to develop strategic plans, performance measures, annual performance plans, and performance reporting.

The Results Act included an extended schedule for implementation of its various components. Pilot projects on strategic planning and performance measurement were part of the initial learning phase in 1994, 1995, and 1996. The Act required agencies to submit their strategic plans to the Congress and the public September 30, 1997. Beginning with FY1999, agencies have developed annual performance plans parallel to their annual budget requests to the Congress. In March 2000, agencies are to begin reporting on the results achieved in the execution of their FY1999 annual performance plans.

The Governmentwide Performance Plan is submitted as part of the President's Budget. The FY2000 Governmentwide Performance Plan is available on-line from the Government Printing Office through OMB.

Announcements - New articles of particular interest, seminars, training opportunities, and other hot topics are posted here.

Statutes - Links to those key statutes frequently referenced by those working on the implementation of the Results Act and related reform legislation: Official Guidance -Executive Branch documents that lay out requirements almost all federal agencies have to fulfill: Resources - Guides, models, and descriptive materials that practitioners have developed that can also assist others with implementing the Results Act: Case Studies - Evaluations of specific efforts in 1994, 1995, and 1996 to implement strategic planning and performance measurement, including lessons learned: Strategic Plans - Guidance, resources, and links to sites that list and link to agency strategic plans. Annual Performance Plans - Guidance, resources, and links to annual performance plans required by the Results Act: Performance Budgeting - The Results Act calls for eventual models for performance budgeting. Some background materials: Performance Management - Resources about linking organizational goal-setting and performance measurement to individual performance planning and appraisal. Also, resources relating to the broader meaning of performance management as in managing all resources against an implementation plan to achieve performance goals.

Performance Management for Human Resources

Accountability Reports/Performance Reports - Pilot reports integrating and streamlining the reporting processes; reports on accomplishments under the Annual Performance Reports required by GPRA starting in March 2000. Performance Based Organizations - Materials helpful in the creation of these customer-responsive, self-supporting organizations.

Archives - Browse through sections of our library with older documents still useful as reference.

Feedback - We would welcome your suggestions for links and materials to improve the content of this page. While we can't guarantee a personal answer to every comment or question, we do hope you'll avail yourself of the opportunity to contribute to the store of information available. Send us your suggestions!

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