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Catalog for Federal Domestic Assistance

EPA's Partners for the Environment

Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)

Environmental Planning for Small Communities


Hassle-Free Communities

Housing and Urban Development's Community 20/20

NSDI Community Demonstration Projects

Public Safety (from US State & Local Gateway)

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Test Your Reinvention IQ

NOAA Weather Radio: A Lifesaver for the Cost of a Pair of Shoes

9/2/98: VP Listening Sessions for Healthier, More Livable Communities

12/1/00: Remarks by Pamela Johnson -- SafeCities: Reducing Firearm Crime & Violence

August 2000

Since 1993, the National Partnership for Reinventing Government has been working on reinventing how government relates to states and localities to support America’s communities. These partnerships provide information and tools to help communities achieve results American families care about.

NPR’s Initiatives:

  1. Boost 4 Kids
  2. After School Programs
  3. SafeCities
  4. Crime Mapping Best Practices
  5. Geographic Infrastructure for Community Planning
  6. Hassle-free Communities

Results We Expect from Our Partnerships

Significantly reduce number of school-age children lacking access to supervised activities during out-of-school hours

Reduce violent crimes to make communities safer places to live

Demonstrate value of geographic information to support community decision making

What’s Happening in Your Community?

To Find Out About Reinvention Efforts

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