Reinventing Human Resource Management


Reinventing Human Resource Management

Accompanying Report of the National Performance Review

Office of the Vice President

Washington, DC

September 1993


Executive Summary

Enable Managers to Create and Maintain A Quality, Diverse Workforce

HRM01: Create a Flexible and Responsive Hiring System

HRM02: Reform the General Schedule Classification and Basic Pay System

Enable Managers to Empower, Develop, Train, Reward and Discipline Employees

HRM03: Authorize Agencies to Develop Programs for Improvement of Individual and Organizational Performance

HRM04: Authorize Agencies to Develop Incentive Award and Bonus Systems to Improve Individual and Organizational Performance

HRM05: Strengthen Systems to Support Management in Dealing with Poor Performers

HRM06: Clearly Define the Objective of Training as the Improvement of Individual and Organizational Performance; Make Training More Market-Driven

Enable Employees to Manage Work and Family Responsibilities

HRM07: Enhance Programs to Provide Family-Friendly Workplaces

Hold Managers Accountable for Adherence to Principles of Merit and Equal Opportunity

HRM08: Improve Processes and Procedures Established to Provide Workplace Due Process for Employees

HRM09: Improve Accountability for Equal Employment Opportunity Goals and Accomplishments

HRM10: Improve Interagency Collaboration and Cross-Training of Human Resource Professionals

Create a System That is Self-Renewing and Continually Improving

HRM11: Strengthen the Senior Executive Service So That It Becomes a Key Element in the Governmentwide Culture Change Effort

HRM12: Eliminate Excessive Red Tape and Automate Functions and Information

HRM13: Form Labor-Management Partnerships for Success

HRM14: Provide Incentives to Encourage Voluntary Separations


Summary of Actions by Implementation Category


Accompanying Reports of the National Performance Review

Each action is followed by a number in parentheses that indicates the necessary avenue for effective implementation. Appendix A organizes all actions according to these categories.

(1) Agency heads can do themselves.

(2) President, Executive Office of the President, or Office of Management and Budget can do.

(3) Requires legislative action.

(4) Good idea, but will require additional work, or may be better suited for future action.

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