Accompanying Reports of the National Performance Review

	Governmental Systems  	 			Abbr.
      Changing Internal Culture
 Creating Quality Leadership and Management		QUAL
 Streamlining ManagementControl				SMC
 Transforming OrganizationalStructures			ORG
 Improving Customer Service				ICS
 Reinventing Processes and Systems
 Mission-Driven, Results-Oriented Budgeting 		BGT
 Improving Financial Management   			FM
 Reinventing Human Resource Management  		HRM
 Reinventing Federal Procurement   			PROC
 Reinventing Support Services    			SUP
 Reengineering ThroughInformation Technology 		IT
 Rethinking Program Design    				DES
 Restructuring the Federal RoleStrengthening
 the Partnership in Intergovernmental 
 Service Delivery    					FSL
 Reinventing Environmental Management			ENV
 Improving Regulatory Systems    			REG
Agencies and Departments 				Abbr.     
 Agency for International Development  			AID
 Department of Agriculture   				USDA
 Department of Commerce    				DOC
 Department of Defense    				DOD
 Department of Education    				ED
 Department of Energy    				DOE
 Environmental Protection Agency   			EPA
 Executive Office of the President   			EOP
 Federal Emergency Management Agency  			FEMA
 General Services Administration   			GSA
 Department of Health and Human Services   		HHS
 Department of Housing and Urban Development 		HUD
 Intelligence Community    				INTEL
 Department of the Interior    				DOI
 Department of Justice     				DOJ
 Department of Labor     				DOL
 National Aeronautics and Space Administration  	NASA
 National Science Foundation/Office of Science 
 and Technology Policy  				NSF
 Office of Personnel Management   			OPM
 Small Business Administration    			SBA
 Department of State/
 U.S. Information Agency     				DOS
 Department of Transportation   			DOT
 Department of the Treasury/
 Resolution Trust Corporation  				TRE
 Department of Veterans Affairs   			DVA

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