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Let's reinvent government, not the wheel. If your agency has reinvention tools to share, please let us know. Contact Pat Wood at


Sample Decision Tree for Analyzing Agency Programs

90 Resources in 90 Minutes Forget "90." There are now 140 resources in this list, and the list is growing. If you can only make one stop in your quest for reinvention resources, stop here.

Bureaucratic Bushwackers


Frequently Asked Questions about Customer Survey Clearance and the Paperwork Reduction Act
2001 Presidential Transition Directory

Agriculture's Waivers of Internal Rules for Reinventors

10/6/00: Reinventors Have Their Say on the Electronic Town Hall Wall

9/1/00: A Taste of Reinvention from the FAA Logistics Center

11/25/99: Forcing Change - Using the Catalytic Mechanism

9/1/99: Assessing the Risks of commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Applications [Preview Version] (Word 97 Version) (PDF Version)

The Blair House Papers This "little red book" is management's number one resource on how to reinvent government.

Office of the Secretary of Defense Quality Management Office

Bureau of Reclamation Value Program

Project Management for Mission Critical Systems (1997) This "little blue book" tells how to buy the computer systems that support your agency's mission.

For Managing Information Systems A Practical Assessment Tool (Word) (PDF)



GPRA Groups Calendar

Reaching Public Goals: Managing Government for Results, A Resource Guide (1996)

Los Alamos National Laboratory's Quality and Program Planning Office

Business Process Reengineering Assessment Guide, May 1997 (Report from GAO)pdf
Federal Training Mall

Reinvention Express Calendar (Training Opportunities)

Getting Results Through Learning, May 1997 This is the "little green book" published by the Human Resource Development Council

10/07/96: Comptroller of the Currency Replaces SF-182, Training Request form.
Communicators Guide for Federal, State, Regional, and Local Communicators HTML, PDF

Federal Communicators Network Be the first to know. This is the network that Vice President asked NPR to organize to help frontline workers get the reinvention message. You can apply for membership online.

Toolbox for Communication

Plain Language
Office of Personnel Management FY98 Training Seminars on Enterprise Government (Franchising)
April 1997: Government Executive's Acquisition Toolbox (used with permission)
Interagency Benchmarking and Best Practice Council

Benchmarking Reports
3/13/97: Sources for Training and Development of Performance Measures

3/13/97: Free IT Performance Measurement Guide Now Available from GSA

3/13/97: Navy Develops New Performance Software (and It's FREE!)

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