Reinventing Human Resource Management

B. Methodology

The issues and actions contained in this report were developed based on input from federal employees, managers, labor unions and personnelists; state and local government representatives; personnel management organizations and professional associations; members of the academic community and others.

Data collection methods included:

--- conducting individual, focus group, and other group interviews-- over 400 individuals were either interviewed by NPR staff or participated in group sessions either sponsored or attended by NPR staff;

--- attending meetings, conferences, and related presentations--for example, NPR staff attended the June 1993 OPM conference, "Partners for Change: Steering Federal HRM into the 21st Century";

--- reviewing relevant literature, including the results of earlier reform efforts--over 200 sources were consulted;

--- analyzing correspondence and other written materials submitted to the National Performance Review;

--- creating a problem-solving team to recommend improvements to federal labor-management relations; and

--- creating a problem-solving team to recommend improvements to federal equal opportunity programs.

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