Improving Customer Service


Improving Customer Service

Accompanying Report of the National Performance Review

Office of the Vice President

Washington, DC

September 1993


Executive Summary

Recommendations and Actions

ICS01: Create Customer-Driven Programs in all Departments and Agencies That Provide Services Directly to the Public

ICS02: Customer Service Performance Standards Internal Revenue Service

CS03: Customer Service Performance Standards Social Security Administration.

ICS04: Customer Service Performance Standards Postal Service.

ICS05: Streamline Ways to Collect Customer Satisfaction and Other Information from the Public


Summary of Actions by Implementation Category

Accompanying Reports of the National Performance Review

Each action is followed by a number in parentheses that indicates the necessary avenue for effective implementation. Appendix A organizes all actions according to these categories.

(1) Agency heads can do themselves.

(2) President, Executive Office of the President, or Office of Management and Budget can do.

(3) Requires legislative action.

(4) Good idea, but will require additional work, or may be better suited for future action.

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