3/13/97: Navy Develops New Performance Software (and It's FREE!)

Performance Assessment and Results (PAR 4) is a Windows-based software (3.1 or 95) that, like the balanced scorecard concept, links strategic objectives to performance measures, giving an organization a far more comprehensive perspective of performance than previously possible. It provides a variety of statistical tools and reports to help organizations assess and improve performance.

Module 1 is a survey "engine" used to assess customer satisfaction. Module 2 is used to survey the work force about organizational performance. One of Module 2's two survey evaluation packages is based on the 1996-1997 President's Award criteria. Module 3 is used to develop and assess objective performance measures. It can be tied to a higher level mandate, such as the Government Performance and Results Act or the organization's own strategic plan. Module 4 presents data from all the modules from an "extended system" perspective, important to assessing consistency of findings and for identifying improvement opportunities.

PAR 4 is also a learning tool. It provides a metric development template, a help system that includes operational scenarios, and a library of performance measures to choose from.

Currently, PAR 4 is available for distribution to public sector and non-profit organizations ONLY, by contacting Mr. Antonio Rodriguez . When you request the software, please make sure to include your name, title, the name of your organization, phone number, and mailing address. The software will be distributed in a CDROM format on an availability basis. Project manager Antonio Rodriguez is available for questions either by phone (703-607-5608), FAX (703-601-0346), or on the Internet

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