Comptroller of the Currency Replaces SF-182,
Training Request Form

Training and Performance Development at the Comptroller of the Currency developed a partly automated form to replace the SF-182, the form employees throughout government use to request and certify external (vendor-provided) training.

The new form is available for Washington office employees under OCC FORMS in Word Perfect for Windows, and to district office employees through their district training officers. Once an "employee master" copy with trainee information and approval/concurrence sign-off sections is created, these sections don't have to be retyped each time an employee submits a training request.

Other benefits include not having to use a typewriter or deal with tissue copies. And, while the replacement form's layout is similar to that of the SF-182, whenever possible the form offers more space in blocks that many employees found to be too small on the SF-182. Using the new form will really reduce the amount of time employees spend preparing requests.

Results from a pilot conducted within T&PD reveal that, after an employee has created a personalized master form, filling out the new form will take less than half the time it takes to complete an SF-182 from scratch.

The new form does not affect existing training policies. After filling the form out on computer, the employee seeking training circulates the printed copy for approval and processing.

Comments received from Washington office training liaisons and district training officers have been positive. Since its implementation in April, the new form has steadily increased in popularity. Now, more than half of the training requests submitted are on the new form. We urge all nonbelievers to try it; you'll like it. For employees who benightedly wish to continue using the standard SF-182, feel free to do so.

pdf PDF Version
Word Perfect Version

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