Commission delivered final report to Congress on June 28, 2002
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Task Forces

In its effort to accomplish its mandate, the Commission chose to establish task forces to address specific elements of the mandate. In addition, the Commission's planned field hearing schedule is designed to address specific components of the mandate through each hearing. Each task force is responsible for individual hearings and works with the staff to select witnesses that will yield useful testimony for the essential elements of the Commissions report. Co-Chairs Ellen Feingold and Nancy Hooks are ex officio members of each task force.

Financing Strategies Needs Assessment
Diana Mclver,
The Conroy & McIver Group
Austin, TX
James T. Sykes,
Senior Advisor for Aging Policy
University of Wisconsin Medical School
Madison, WI
John Erickson
Chairman & CEO
Senior Campus Living
Baltimore, MD
Reverend Emanuel Cleaver II
Senior Pastor
St. James United Methodist Church
Former Mayor of Kansas City
Kansas City, MO
M'Liss Solove Houston
President and CEO
MSH Consulting, Inc.,
Springfield, VA
Reverend Monsignor Henry J. Gugino
Diocesan Director
Catholic Charities of Buffalo
Buffalo, N.Y.
James H. Swanson
Senior Vice President
Paragon Mortgage Corporation,
Phoenix, AZ
Harry Thomas
Executive Director
Seattle Housing Authority
Seattle, WA
House and Health Strategies
James E. Introne,
President - The Loretto System
Syracuse, N.Y.
Jane O'Dell Baumgarten
Member, Board of Directors
North Bend, OR
Rita Poundstone
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority,
Supportive Services Program
Denver, CO
Steve Protulis
Executive Director
Elderly Housing & Development Corporation
Assistant to the President of the AFL-CIO
Washington, D.C.

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