Commission delivered final report to Congress on June 28, 2002
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Steve Protulis

Steve Protulis of Washington, DC is Assistant to the President, AFL-CIO, and former Executive Director of the National Council of Senior Citizens, one of the nation's strongest voices for the interests, dignity and security of older Americans and families. Mr. Protulis is a former chair of the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations, a coalition of national nonprofit groups committed to representing the concerns of older Americans. Although Mr. Protulis came to the U.S. from Uruguay in 1961 to attend university, he received his real education on the shop floor at a General Motors plant in Detroit, Michigan as a member of UAW Local 174. By 1970, Mr. Protulis was chairman for 6,000 UAW workers in the largest cut and sew plant in the U.S. He is a former deputy field director for Jimmy Carter's Presidential Campaign; former administrative assistant to UAW President Douglas Fraser; and former AFL-CIO National Coordinator for Support Groups in Washington, DC. Mr. Protulis serves on the board of directors of the National Council on the Aging, and the Center for Policy Alternatives. He is Executive Vice President/Executive Director of the Elderly Housing Development and Operations Corporation; Vice President of the Americans for Democratic Action; Secretary of the Citizens for Tax Justice, and a member of the editorial advisory board of CARING Magazine.

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