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America @ Our Best
NPR’s Vision for the Future

Our Mission

In time for the 21st century, reinvent government to work
better, cost less, and get results Americans care about.

Our Values

  • Community--We foster teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration
  • Courage--We take risks to achieve results
  • Creativity--We seek out and reward new ideas and innovation
  • Trust--We believe in empowering people to do the right thing
  • Integrity--We practice high ethical standards in everything we do
  • Diversity--We respect and celebrate differences
  • Enthusiasm--We are passionate about making a difference
  • Service--We provide our customers with products and information they want and need

Our Plan

  • Align around clear vision, values, and goals
  • Carry on a conversation with the American people about what they value
  • Support High Impact Agencies while they change their culture, processes, and underlying information technology systems
  • Use outcomes to focus management time and priorities, especially in the High Impact Agencies
  • Completely change our regulatory approach emphasizing partnerships and prevention strategies to get the safety, health and security results Americans care about
  • Give employees the tools and freedom to do their jobs, and hold them accountable for achieving outcomes
  • Deliver One-Stop information and services
  • Foster leadership, leadership, leadership

Our Goal

Restore trust in America’s government by providing—

  • Best value for each taxpayer dollar
  • Best service for each customer and regulated business
  • Best workplace for its employees
  • Best legacy for our future


  • Balanced Measures
    Have agencies--from their top leaders to front line managers--manage using measures that assess customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and business results.

  • Partnering for Outcomes
    Shared accountability for common national outcomes that no one agency can deliver. For example, crimes and drugs, Workforce Investment Act.

  • E-Gov
    Creating virtual government agencies. For example, gateways for problem-solving such as and EPA's Small Business Advisors.

  • Getting the Message Out
    • Mobilize America's real heroes to get the message out
    • Create a movement to let people know that the government is changing forever
    • Let's start with you!

NPR’s Toolkit

  • Cross-agency taskforces
  • Networks of experts
  • Conferences and training events
  • Hammer Awards
  • Benchmarking studies
  • High-level intervention
  • Cross-cutting management reforms
  • Website and electronic newsletter

NPR 1998 Status: Government Works Better

  • Put Customers First -- put in place 4,000 service standards
  • Empowers employees -- created 850 labor-management councils
  • Cuts Red Tape -- eliminated 640,000 pages of internal rules
  • Creates partnerships -- OSHA, FDA, EPA now partner with business

NPR 1998 Status: Government Costs Less

  • $137 billion in savings
  • Workforce smaller by 351,000
  • $31 billion used more effectively by Hammer Award recipients
  • 16,000 pages of Federal Regulation abolished
  • 250 fewer programs/agencies
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