The NEGP presents the new Interactive Data Center. The Data Center allows you to view 10 years of data through tables and graphs, compare states, compare your state to other states and the nation, and to find out who the highest performing states in the nation are on particular goal indicators.

The National Education Goals Panel believes that policymakers and others interested in education need good information to help them monitor state progress toward the National Education Goals. The Panel believes that those interested in improving the quality of education in America need to be able to monitor educational progress over time, benchmark state performance against the best in the nation and the best in the world, and determine whether all groups of students in a state are achieving at high levels. Technically sound and timely data help policymakers and others evaluate education progress and make sound decisions. This page allows you to examine how much progress each state and the nation have made toward the National Education Goals since they were established in 1990. You can compare your state to others, compare how states are doing on a specific indicator of progress, or read the key findings from the most recent NEGP report.

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