State Comparisons of the Data Included in the 1999 National Education Goals Report and Data Volume

Each year, the Goals Panel reports on progress that states have made toward meeting the eight National Education Goals. To measure progress, 33 indicators were selected. Each indicator includes a baseline measure (collected as close as possible to 1990, the year the Goals were adopted), the most recent update (if available), and an arrow indicating the direction of change.

Arrows which point upward indicate that we have made progress. Arrows which point downward indicate that we have fallen further behind. Horizontal arrows indicate that performance has not changed or that the change was not statistically significant.

You may perform a state comparison in either of two ways:

  1. Indicator: Searching by indicator will allow you to view how each state is performing on one of 33 indicators. You may select any one of the 34 indicators to view each state's progress. This search provides data for the baseline year, the most recent year, and overall progress.
  2. State: Searching by state will allow you to see the current data (all 34 indicators) for three particular states. This search provides data from the most recent year collected only.

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