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Welcome To The National Education Goals Panel's
New Interactive Data Center!


This site is your on-line and up-to-date source for education data for your state and the nation regarding the National Education Goals. The Data Center allows you to view data through tables and graphs, compare states, compare your state to other states and the nation, and to find out who the highest performing states in the nation are on particular goal indicators. This site is designed to be useful to policymakers, educators, members of the business community, parents, researchers and others interested in improving education. The NEGP believes that having recent and comparable data is important in the dialogue around education improvement efforts. This site aims to provide this.

The Data Center contains new and updated data for a broad range of indicators that measure progress toward the eight National Education Goals. There are 27 national Indicators and 34 state-level indicators. These indicators were selected with the assistance of the NEGP advisors.

Click on any of the links in the explore box to begin digging into the data and finding out more about America's progress toward the Goals

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