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(b) SECURITY CLEARANCES. Insofar as expeditious processing of personnel security clearances is essential to the timely completion of the study, DoD will expedite personnel security clearance procedures for access to classified information for Study Group personnel and staff to the extent permitted by law and Executive Order, when requested by the Executive Director.

(c) BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS APPOINTMENT AND COMPENSATION. Commissioners of the USCNS/21, including the Cochairpersons, who are not fulltime officers or employees of the United States shall be appointed by the Secretary of Defense as special government employees. Such members may serve with or without compensation and shall be allowed travel expenses, including per diem in lieu of subsistence, in accordance with the Board's charter.

(1) EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. The Secretary of Defense, upon advice of the Co-chairpersons, shall select an Executive Director. The Executive Director shall be appointed to a limited term (not to exceed three years), Senior Executive Service position within DoD. The Executive Director shall supervise the Study Group and its staff, with full authority, in accordance with applicable law and regulations, and merit system principles.

(2) MEMBERSHIP. The Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, the Secretary of State and the Executive Director, will select sufficient individuals with diverse experience and expertise to fill positions as members of the Study Group. All Study Group members shall be United States citizens with widelyrecognized expertise in fields relevant to the Study Group's national security objectives. Members should be innovative and creative practitioners or strategists in their respective fields of endeavor. The Study Group members shall be appointed under an appropriate authority which allows for an assignment of a temporary duration. Terms for such appointments shall not exceed the length of the study, but may be such shorter period of time as determined by the Executive Director. Vacancies shall be filled by the Executive Director, with the approval of the Secretary of Defense.

(e) STAFF APPOINTMENT AND COMPENSATION. The Executive Director may select for appointment as DoD employees, in accordance with paragraph VI(a), above, and applicable Civil Service laws and regulations and DoD policies, up to twelve individuals. Selectees who are not currently full time DoD military or civilian personnel will be given limited term appointments for up to the length of the study, in accordance with section VI(a) above, to support the study Group.

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