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(b) MEMBERSHIP. The Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs and the Secretary of State, shall select 1517 individuals to serve as a board of Commissioners to the study, drawing on accomplished and prominent United States citizens and reflecting a crosssection of American public and private sector life.

(c) OPERATION. The Commissioners shall meet at the discretion of the Cochairpersons to provide visionary leadership and guidance for the study effort, and to consider appropriate recommendations to the Secretary of Defense and the President, based on the results of the study. The Cochairpersons shall provide oversight for the study effort. The USCNS/21 will be chartered separately and operated as a Federal advisory committee in accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act (Public Law 92463), as amended.

(d) PERIOD OF APPOINTMENT; VACANCIES. All Commissioners shall be appointed for the life of the study effort. Vacancies shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment, in accordance with the Commission's charter.


(a) COMPRENHENSIVE REVIEW. The study will define America's role and purpose in the first quarter of the 21st Century through an integrated analysis, and identify the national security strategy in political, economic, military, societal and technological terms that must be implemented for America to fulfill that role and achieve its purpose. This study shall include the following:

(1) A description of the national security environments that the United States will likely encounter in the 21st Century, and an evaluation of the security threats which can be reasonably expected in political, economic, military, societal, and technological terms.

(2) A comprehensive overview of American domestic and international strategic interests and objectives for the security environment we will likely encounter in the 21st Century.

(3) Delineation of the national security strategy that must be implemented to achieve America's objectives in the 21st Century.

(4) Identification of the range of alternatives to implement the national security strategy, by defining the domestic security goals for American society, and by describing the internal and external policy instruments required to apply American resources in the 21st Century.

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