• Study Group members are experts on various aspects of  U.S. foreign and national security policy.  They provide recommendations to the   Executive Director for consideration by the Commissioners.
    • Dr. Jeffrey Bergner – President and Managing Financial Partner, Bergner & Bockorny, Inc.
    • Dr. Coit Dennis Blacker – Deputy Director and Senior Fellow, Institute for International Studies, Stanford University
    • Dr. Christopher J. Bowie – Manager, Defense Policy, Integrated Systems and Aerostructures, Northrop Grumman Corporation
    • Dr. Ivo H. Daalder – Visiting Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies, Brookings Institution
    • Rhett Dawson – President, Information Technology Industry Council
    • Dr. Keith Dunn - OSD
    • Amb. Chas. W. Freeman, Jr.- Chairman, Projects International, Inc.; President, Middle East Policy Council; Co-Chair, US-China Policy Council; Vice Chair, Atlantic Council
    • Dr. Adam Garfinkle – Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute
    • Richard Haass – Brookings Institution
    • Keith Hahn – Consultant
    • Frank Hoffman – Study Group Member, National Security Study Group
    • Dr. Charles B. Johnson – Study Group Member, National Security Study Group
    • Robert Killebrew – Consultant
    • Dr. Richard H. Kohn - Chairman, Curriculum in Peace, War, and Defense and Professor of History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Executive Secretary, Triangle Institute for Security Studies
    • Dr. William Lewis – Director, McKinsey World Institute; former Assistant Secretary of Energy
    • James R. Locher, III– Visiting Fellow, Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University
    • Dr. Charles Moskos – Northwestern University
    • Dr. Williamson Murray – Harold K. Johnson Professor of Military History, Military History Institute, U.S. Army War College
    • Dr. Pat Pentland – Research Analyst, Policy, Strategy, and Forces Division at Center for Naval Analysis
    • Dr. Barry Ross Posen – Professor of Political Science, Center for International Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Dr. Barbara Samuels - President, Global Assessment Networks
    • Dr. James S. Thomason, Senior Analyst, Strategy, Forces and Resources Division, Institute for Defense Analyses
    • Ruth Wedgwood - Yale Law School
    about us

    Renowned citizens and former United States Senators: Gary Hart and Warren Rudman provide general oversight of the entire study.

    Executive Director

    Charles Boyd coordinates with the Co-Chairs and the  Commissioners and directs the operation of the Study Group and Staff.


    The Commissioners are a bipartisan group composed of civic leaders from public and private sectors of American society.  They provide overall vision and guidance to the study.

    • Anne Armstrong, Regent, Texas A&M University System and Trustee & Chairman of the Executive Committee, Center for Strategic and International Studies
    • Norm R. Augustine, former Chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin
    • John Dancy, former NBC White House and diplomatic correspondent
    • John R. Galvin, retired General and former NATO Commander
    • Leslie H. Gelb, President of the Council on Foreign Relations
    • Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and Representative from Georgia
    • Lee H. Hamilton, Representative from Indiana and Director, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
    • Lionel H. Olmer, former Under Secretary of Commerce
    • Donald B. Rice, President and CEO, UroGenesys, Inc.
    • James Schlesinger, former Secretary of Defense and Energy and Director of the CIA.
    • Harry D. Train, Retired Admiral and former Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic
    • Andrew Young, former mayor of Atlanta and US Ambassador to the United Nations
    Deputy Executive Director
    • Arnold Punaro– Science Applications International Corporation, (MGen USMCR)
    Study Group Coordinator
    • Dr. Pat Pentland – Research Analyst, Policy, Strategy, and Forces Division at Center for Naval Analysis
    Study Group Members

    Research Associates provides research support for the endeavors of the Study Group Members

    • Garrick Groves
    The Administrative Staff provide daily organizational and administrative support for the entire study.
    • Annette Atoigue
    • Carmen Augustosky, Computer Specialist
    • Rachel Schiller, Executive Assistant to Executive Director
    • John Gardner, Information Technology Manager, Computer Specialist
    • Marvin Goodwin, Contract Administrator
    • Diane Long, Senior Advisory Board Liaison
    • Gerald Posey, Travel
    • Thomas Prudhomme, Security Manager
    • Cynthia Waters, Study Group Liaison
    Research and Support Staff
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