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(b) PHASE TWO. Existing national interests and objectives will be reviewed and analyzed for applicability in the early part of the next century. If appropriate, modifications will be recommended to bring the policy objectives into line with the anticipated global environment. Where necessary objectives and interests have not yet been clearly articulated for security arenas in which the United States must function in the future, the USCNS/21 will recommend appropriate objectives. These objectives should encompass all critical American security concerns. Delineation of national security strategy (or strategies) for the early part of the 21st Century will complete Phase Two of the study. A proposed strategy will be constrained by only the following factors: it must support attainment of our national security objectives, it must be acceptable to the American people, and it must be feasible within current (or projected) resource availability. (For the purposes of this study, an acceptable national security strategy is one that is reasonably consistent with the projected values and desires of the American people, taking into account the ability of confident national leaders to move public opinion in the direction of rational responses to new national challenges). The goal of Phase Two is to describe America's interests and objectives in a comprehensive, attainable and supportable national security strategy that gives the Executive and Legislative Branches policy options for allocation of national resources and for domestic and international strategic initiatives. Phase Two will terminate upon the submission by the Cochairpersons, after consultation with the board of Commissioners, of a report to the Secretary of Defense which meets this goal.

(c) PHASE THREE. As needed, the USCNS/21 will propose measures to adapt existing national security structures or to create new structures where none exists. These measures must be appropriate to the range of anticipated international environments identified in Phase One and the national security objectives identified in Phase Two. Selected measures may require some modification of certain institutions, processes and structures in order to improve their relevance in the first two decades of the 2lst Century and enhance their positive impact upon the national security process. When appropriate, cost and time estimates to complete these improvements and a recommended sequence of actions will be provided. The end result of Phase Three will be an institutional road map for the early part of the 21st Century, provided as a report from the U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century to the Secretary of Defense, with detailed recommendations for each major segment of the United States government's national security apparatus.

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