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Reinvention Highlights

Secret One: Common Sense Has Come to the Federal Government

Procurement Reform
Management Systems and Structure
Reinvention Labs
Personnel Reform
Common Sense Job Applications
Less Red Tape
Labor-Management Partnerships
Family-friendly Workplaces
Performance Appraisals
New Civil Service Legislation
Reinforcing Success: The Hammer Award
Franchise Funds
Our Secret Weapon

Secret Two: Government Is Serving People Better

President Clinton's Marching Orders
Who Is the Customer?
Ask Customers What They Want
Setting Standards
The Convenience of the Customer
Number, Please
Just A Little Common Sense

Secret Three: Government Is In Partnership With Business

Forming Partnerships
The Environment
Worker Safety
Health Care
Meat and Poultry
Consumer Products
Drug Interdiction
Helping our Partners
Who's the Enemy?

Secret Four: Government Is Partnering With Communities

Cities, Counties, States Partners
The Oregon Option
Performance Partnerships
The Environment
Connecticut Neighborhood Revitalization Partnership
Addressing Unfunded Mandates
Welfare and Health Care Reform
Fighting Crime



A: Status of Reinvention Efforts in Departments and Major Agencies

Department of Agriculture by Secretary Dan Glickman
Department of Commerce by Secretary Mickey Kantor
Department of Defense by Secretary William J. Perry
Department of Education by Secretary Richard W. Riley
Department of Energy by Secretary Hazel R. O'Leary
Environmental Protection Agency by Administrator Carol M. Browner
Federal Emergency Management Agency by Director James Lee Witt
General Services Administration by Acting Administrator David Barram
Department of Health and Human Services by Secretary Donna E. Shalala
Department of Housing and Urban Development by Secretary Henry Cisneros
The Intelligence Community by Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch
Department of the Interior by Secretary Bruce Babbitt
Department of Justice by Attorney General Janet Reno
Department of Labor by Secretary Robert Reich
National Aeronautics and Space Administration by Administrator Daniel S. Goldin
National Science Foundation by Director Neal Lane
Office of Personnel Management by Director James B. King
Small Business Administration by Administrator Philip Lader
Social Security Administration by Commissioner Shirley S. Chater
Department of State by Secretary Warren Christopher
Department of Transportation by Secretary Federico Peña
Department of the Treasury by Secretary Robert Rubin
U.S. Agency for International Development by Administrator J. Brian Atwood
United States Information Agency by Director Joseph Duffey
Department of Veterans Affairs by Secretary Jesse Brown
B: Status of Major Recommendations Affecting Governmental Systems
Creating Quality Leadership and Monagement
Streamlining Management Control
Transforming Organizational Structures
Improving Customer Service
Mission-Driven, Results Oriented Budgeting
Improving Financial Management
Reinventing Human Resource Management
Reinventing Federal Procurement
Reinventing Support Services
Reengineering Through Information Technology
Rethinking Program Design
Strengthening the Partnership in Intergovernmental Service Delivery
Reinventing Environmental Management
Improving Regulatory Systems
C: Summary of Savings to Date
D: Status of Regulatory Reform Initiatives
E: Presidential and Congressional Actions Taken to Date
F: Progress in Downsizing the Federal Government
G: Contractors Are Not Replacing Departing Federal Workers
H: Progress in Streamlining Management Control Positions
I: List of Hammer Awards as of August 1, 1996

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