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Download the following Case Studies in PDF Format:

  1. Applying the Principles of the GPRA and Strategic Planning to the Inspector General/Audit Function of the U.S. Army Audit Agency
  2. Applying the Principles of the GPRA to the Research and Development Function of the Army Research Laboratory
  3. Using Outcome Information to Redirect Programs: A Case Study of the Coast Guard's Pilot Project Under the Government Performance and Results Act
  4. Case Study on the Strategic Management Process at the Internal Revenue Service
  5. GPRA Case Study: Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery System
  6. Use of Strategic Planning and Reinvention and Implementation of the GPRA at the National Park Service's Denver Service Center
  7. The Department of Housing and Urban Development's Public Housing Assessment Program
  8. Strategic Planning and Strategic Management within National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    NEWView NASA case study (HTML format)
  9. The Department of State Personnel Security/Suitability Division (PSS) Performance Measurement Pilot Project
  10. Use and Development of Performance Measures in the Energy Information Administration
  11. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and Its Early Warning Program
  12. Development and Use of Outcome Information in Government: the InterAmerican Foundation Experience
  13. Objectives-Setting for Improved Health: The Public Health Service Healthy People Program
  14. Strategic Planning at the National Science Foundation
    NEW View NHTSA case study (HTML format)
  15. Strategic Planning in the Office of Child Support Enforcement
  16. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Case Study: Strategic Planning and Performance Management
    NEWView NHTSA case study (HTML format)
  17. Development and Use of Outcome Information by the National Science Foundation (HTML format)
  18. Use of Performance Information in the Environmental Protection Agency's Chesapeake Bay Program (to be added)
  19. Strategic Planning at the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
  20. Use of Strategic Planning at the Bureau of Land Management
  21. NEWStrategic Planning and Performance Management: the U.S. Department of Education's Experience
  22. A Case Study of Strategic Planning in Government: The Social Security Administration
    NEW View SSA case study (HTML format)
  23. NEW Strategic Planning in the National Weather Service (HTML format)
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