About Strategic Plans

To support the discussion and learning necessary in developing strategic plans, the National Performance Review intends to provide links to agency draft or final strategic plans as they are published on the Internet. Please e-mail your agency's Strategic Plan or the Plan's website location to Some agencies are making use of the Internet to solicit comments on their draft plans by stakeholders and interested parties.

Strategic planning involves an assessment of an organization's mission and goals in relation to its external environment and internal capabilities, projected into the future by several years. Strategic planning is generally considered an essential management function for most organizations. Many Federal agencies have been doing strategic planning for some time.

The Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) places uniform requirements on Federal agencies for strategic planning. GPRA requires that the head of each Federal agency submit to the Office of Management and Budget and to the Congress a strategic plan for its program activities containing:

  1. a comprehensive mission statement covering the major functions and operations of the agency;
  2. general goals and objectives, including outcome-related goals and objectives, for the major functions and operations of the agency;
  3. a description of how the goals and objectives are to be achieved, including a description of the operational processes, skills and technology, and the human capital, information, and other resources required to meet those goals and objectives;
  4. a description of how the performance goals included in annual performance plans are related to the general goals and objectives of the strategic plan;
  5. an identification of those key factors external to the agency and beyond its control that could significantly affect the achievement of the general goals and objectives; and
  6. a description of the program evaluations used in establishing or revising general goals and objectives, with a schedule for future program evaluations.

Strategic plans are to cover a period of at least five years and revised at least every three years. Agencies are to consult with the Congress and to solicit and consider the views and suggestions of those entities potentially affected by or interested in their plans.

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