Resource Groups

Goal 1: Ready for School Resource Group
(with 1990 place of work)

Chair: Ernest L. Boyer (1928-1995), The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Leader: Sharon Lynn Kagan, Yale University

Sue Bredekamp, National Association for the Education of Young Children
James C. Comer, Yale University
Donna Foglia, Evergreen School District, California
M. Elizabeth Graue, University of Wisconsin
Lui´s Laosa, Educational Testing Service
Samuel Meisels, University of Michigan
Lucille F. Newman, Brown University
Douglas Powell, Purdue University
Joseph Stevens, Georgia State University
Sheldon White, Harvard University
James Wilsford, Orangeburg School District, South Carolina, (Currently Jim Wilsford Associates)
Nicholas Zill, Child Trends, Incorporated (Currently with Westat)

Goal 2: High School Completion Resource Group
(with 1990 place of work)

Chair: Edmond Gordon, Yale University

Leader: Rafael Valdivieso, The Hispanic Policy Development Project (currently with Academy for Education Development, Inc.)

Janet Baldwin, General Education Development Testing Service
Eve Bither, Maine Department of Education
Jomills Braddock, Johns Hopkins University
Jose Cardenas, The Intercultural Development Research Association
Barbara Clements, Council of Chief State School Officers
Noreen Lopez, Illinois State Board of Education
James McPartland, Johns Hopkins University
Gary Natriello, Columbia University
Steve Nielson, U.S. West Corporation
Aaron Pallas, Michigan State University
Andrew Porter, University of Wisconsin
Floralione Stevens, Los Angeles Public Schools
Richard Wallace, Pittsburgh Public Schools

Goal 3: Student Achievement and Citizenship
(with 1990 place of work)

Chair: Lauren Resnick, University of Pittsburgh

David Hornbeck, Education Advisor
Richard P. Mills, Vermont Department of Education
Marshall S. Smith, Stanford University

Gordon Ambach, Council of Chief State School Officers
Eva Baker, University of California, Los Angeles
R. Darrell Bock, University of Chicago
John Buchanan, Council for the Advancement of Citizenship
Todd Clark, Constitutional Rights Foundation
David Cohen, Michigan State University
Paul Copes, Bloomfield School District, Connecticut
Chester E. Finn, Jr., Vanderbilt University
Robert Glaser, University of Pittsburgh
Barbara Gomez, Council of Chief State School Officers
Edmond Gordon, Yale University
David Haynes, Saturn School of Tomorrow
Asa Hilliard, Georgia State University
Silvia Johnson, Howard University
James Kielsmeier, Youth Leadership Council
Robert L. Linn, University of Colorado
George Madaus, Boston College
Mark Musick, Southern Regional Education Board, Atlanta
Thomas Paysant, San Diego City Schools
Claire Pelton, San Jose Unified School District
Terry K. Peterson, South Carolina Business Education Committee
Joan Schine, National Center for Service Learning in Early Adolescence
Suzanne Triplett, North Carolina State Department of Education
Leland Yee, San Francisco School District

Goal 4: Teacher Education and Professional Development
(with 1994 place of work)

Resource Group Convener: David Imig, American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

Marsha Berger, American Federation of Teachers
Gene Carter, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Linda Darling-Hammond, School of Education, Stanford University
Launa Ellison, Clara Barton School, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Earlene Gillan-Smith, Delaware State Education Association
Howard Jensen, Pioneer High School, Cupertino, California
James Kelly, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Judith Lanier, Michigan State University
Marion Payne, Mount View Middle School, Marriottsville, Maryland
Stan Paz, El Paso School District, Texas
Judith Renyi, National Foundation for the Improvement of Education
Ted Sanders, Southern Illinois University
Claudette Scott, Hickman Mills Consolidated School District #1, Kansas City Missouri
Marilyn Scannel, Indiana Professional Standards Board
Mary Strandburg, Eagleton School, Denver, CO
Arthur Wise, National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education
Wayne Worner, Virginia Tech

Goal 5: Science and Mathematics Resource Group
(with 1990 place of work)

Chair: Alvin Trivelpiece, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Leader: Edward Haertel, Stanford University

Leigh Burstein, University of California, Los Angeles
Iris Carl, Houston Independent School District
Linda Darling-Hammond, Columbia University
Magdalene Lampert, Michigan State University
Kenneth Lay, IBM
Steve Leinwand, Connecticut State Department of Education
Michael Nettles, University of Tennessee
Penelope Peterson, Michigan State University
Senta Raizen, National Center for Improving Science Education
William Schmidt, Michigan State University
Ramsay Selden, Council of Chief State School Officers

Goal 6: Adult Literacy and Lifelong Learning
(with 1990 place of work)

Chair: Mark Musick, Southern Regional Education Board

Leader: Marc Tucker, National Center on Education and the Economy

Paul Barton, Education Testing Service
Sue Berryman, Columbia University
Peter Cappelli, The University of Pennsylvania
Forest Chisman, Southport Institute for Policy Analysis
Russell Edgerton, American Association on Higher Education
Peter Ewell, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems
Patsy J. Fulton, Oakland Community College
Joy McLarty, American College Testing Program
James R. Morris, Jr., South Carolina State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education
Thiery Noyelle, Columbia University
William Spring, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Thomas Sticht, Applied Behavioral, and Cognitive Sciences, Incorporated
Patrick Terenzini, Pennsylvania State University
Richard Venzky, The University of Pennsylvania
Daniel Wagner, The University of Pennsylvania

Goal 7: Safe, Disciplined, and Alcohol- and Drug-free Schools
(with 1990 place of work)

Chair: John W. Porter, Detroit Public Schools

Leaders: Lloyd Johnston, University of Michigan

C. Leonard Anderson, Portland Public Schools
Constance E. Clayton, Philadelphia Public Schools
Janet Collins, Centers for Disease Control
Delbert G. Elliott, University of Colorado
Josepha A. Fernandez, New York City Public Schools
Michael Guerra, National Catholic Education Association
Fred M. Newmann, University of Wisconsin
Barbara Schneider, University of Chicago
Ricki Takai, U.S. Department of Education
Gary Wehlage, University of Wisconsin

Goal 8: Parental Participation Resource Group
(with 1994 place of work)

Resource Group Convener: Joyce Epstein, Johns Hopkins University

Marilyn Aklin, National Coalition of Title 1/Chapter 1 Parents
Ja Net´ Crouse, National PTA
Jacquelynne Eccles, University of Michigan
Jane Grinde, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Anne Henderson, National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education
Thomas Hoffer, National Opinion Research Corporation
Adrian Lewis, National Urban League
Douglas Powell, Purdue University
Jeana Preston, San Diego City Schools
Diane Scott-Jones, Temple University
Ralph Smith, The Annie Casey Foundation
Layla Suleiman, Family Resource Coalition
Sherry West, Prevention Partnership (National Head Start Association)

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