"Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security - Nominations , P004807"

Donald S. Clark
Federal Trade Commission
Room H-159
600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20580

Re: "Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security - Nominations , P004807"

Dear Secretary Clark:

As president of, I'd like to nominate James C. "Jamie" Allen, vice president of development and operations, and Jason Rodgers, vice president of global customer acceptance, to the Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security.

I believe they would add tremendous value to the committee, derived not only from their own rich technical and marketing backgrounds, but also from the work the team is doing to (1) provide consumers with reasonable access to personal information collected about them, and (2) maintain adequate security for that information.

These are issues our team has been grappling with for five-plus years, as we've watched the industry use - and in some cases abuse - personal information. We founded to help consumers in the online world take control of their personal information. Therefore, it's important to understand both our company's philosophy and the nominees' backgrounds.

Our goal is to deliver real-time personalization to both consumers and merchants, and put control of personal information where it belongs - in the hands of the consumer. Consumers gain a richer, more productive online shopping experience and merchants gain satisfied, loyal customers.

We view personal data as personal property which has value. We believe the consumer rightfully owns that value. We are developing technologies and infrastructure which will give consumers the ability to view, modify, selectively share and control the use of personal data online.

Some of the most seasoned and well-respected executives in the industry support our approach. Bobby Martin, former president of Wal-Mart International and CIO of Wal-Mart is on our board. Our advisory board includes senior executives from American Express, Eddie Bauer,, Office Depot, Dayton Hudson and General Motors, among others (see attached for details).

On a technical level, we're building the infrastructure to enable the consistent use of fair information practices by web-based enterprises. We're making it possible for consumers to have complete access to personal information. However, we also believe different data have different levels of sensitivity, some appropriate for an online environment and some not. For example, we will not handle medical, federal, credit worthiness/discriminatory information, or information about children.

Our nominees have the industry expertise, backgrounds, and personal integrity appropriate for the committee. They are thought leaders in their respective areas and well-respected representatives for this new age of online commerce. Attached are a company profile, additional information on the advisory board, and bios of the nominees, as well as additional members of our technical team. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'll contact you within the next few days to discuss in more detail.


Jeffrey J. DeCoux

110 Wild Basin Road
Suite 100
Austin, TX 78746

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