Archive Technical Team

Tom Price, Database Architect

A recognized expert in database systems, data warehousing, point-of-sale, systems performance evaluation, probability modeling, fault tolerant computing, and computer architecture. Tom has over 20 years' leadership experience in software development and management. His achievements include principal developer of the System R relational database system at IBM, development of Tandem's first fault tolerant Unix system, product authorship of BMC's DB2 Copy Plus and leadership of the DB2 fast utilities group. He also developed and patented a method for efficient update replication of databases while at Peregrine Systems and led the database replication group at Prism Solutions. Tom has a doctorate in electrical engineering and computer science from Stanford University; his thesis was on "Probability Models of Multiprogrammed Computer Systems". He has published over 20 technical papers and received the best paper of the year award from the ACM for his paper on "The recovery manager of the System R database manager".

Erik Huddleston, Internet and Web Technologies Architect

An early innovator in developing of commercial web applications, Erik has architected multiple web applications and application server infrastructure implementations. He is a respected authority on Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM), Java, and web application development communities, and author of a book on Java and COM. He works closely with development teams at both Microsoft and Sun Microsystems. Erik is a leading authority on web personalization technologies and co-inventor (patents pending) of a rules-driven event routing system for massively scalable web applications and a distributed, highly available session and state storage system.

Doug Jewett, System Architect

An expert in fault tolerant computing, Doug has designed complex systems for Tandem Computer and consulted on numerous technical and business opportunities. He was a co-inventor of Tandem's current generation ServerNet based Unix and NonStop system architectures and a senior architect, designer and implementer of the Integrity S2 system and the NonStop-UX implementation of Unix System V Release 3. He served as director of engineering with responsibilities for software and future systems development, performance, OEM products, third party software, customer support and sustaining engineering. He has ten domestic and several foreign patents issued relating to the hardware and software inventions embodied in the Integrity S2 and other computer systems. Additional domestic and foreign patent applications are pending.

Doug has consulted with some of the largest telephony equipment providers in the world, small start-up software firms and a large European cellular operator. He also consulted with IBM on Unix (AIX) internals, compilers and floating point arithmetic for the RT PC, worked on computer graphics and compilers for Unix systems at Digital Research, served as a member of the technical staff at a Unix startup and was a mathematical modeler at an economics consulting firm. Prior to joining industry, he taught mathematics at Texas A&M University, where he received bachelors and master's degrees in mathematics

Jeff Larson, Application Architect

Jeff Larson has 20 years' experience designing software systems with companies such as MCC, UniSQL, Texcel, and Interleaf. His expertise is in the areas of object-oriented databases, XML, and document management systems. Mr. Larson has a bachelor's of science degree in computer science from Iowa State University.