Nominations to the Advisory Committee on Online and Security

James C. "Jamie" Allen, vice president, development and operations

Jamie Allen is responsible for guiding the development organization in defining, building, and operating the data products and infrastructure to make online personalization work for both the consumer and the merchant. He provides the vision and experience required to balance key issues -- including accessibility, security, and disclosure -- with the technical challenges presented in legacy infrastructures and the Internet. Over the past 20 years, Jamie has developed majored system products, built new organizations, turned around business units, and produced a start-up company's first volume product. Jamie spent 16 years at Tandem Computers, where he was vice president and general manager of the telecommunications business unit. Under his leadership, the business unit tripled its revenue and profitability. Key wins included the nationwide home-location-registers used by AT&T Wireless Services, Cantel (Canada), and Cellnet (UK) in placing every call over their networks. Previously, he led major technological advances in Tandem's system product line including the first use of fiber optic and VLSI technology. He also headed product development at a Silicon Valley-based venture-backed start up.

Jason Rodgers, vice president, global customer acceptance

Jason works with major companies such as American Express, Citibank, and MBNA to include in their suite of consumer services. This process requires he have a deep understanding of the roles of both consumer and merchant in the online marketplace, the criteria each uses to judge success, and the trends that will shape their futures. Jason joined from MasterCard where he was senior vice president of global marketing. He was responsible for developing and implementing brand and marketing strategies to position MasterCard within the consumer and merchant marketplaces. Previously, he was with Visa as vice president of global marketing, where he successfully defined Visa products to achieve mutual benefit for both consumers and merchants, ultimately moving Visa to the primary-use credit card position. He also developed the preliminary e-commerce strategies for the Visa card merchant acceptance. Jason brings exceptional corporate management and marketing experience and understanding of the underlying philosophy of the payments industry to the challenges of Internet-based shopping.