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1. Introduction
2. Overview
3. Coordination of Research
4. Education & Training of Health Care Practitioners
5. Information Development & Dissemination
6. Access & Delivery
7. Coverage & Reimbursement
8. Wellness and Health Promotion
9. Coordinating Federal CAM Efforts
10.    Recommendations & Actions

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A.    •  Executive Order
•  Commission Charter
B.    •  10 Rules for Health Care Reform
•  Pew Task Force Recommendations
C.    Commission Meetings
D.    General & Town Hall Meeting Participants
E.    Organizations Providing Information on Education and Training
F.    Workgroup Members
G.    Statement from Commissioners

    Commission Meetings

    Appendix C
    Schedule of Commission Meetings and
    Material Subjects Reviewed

    Commission Meetings

    July 13-14, 2000 - Planning Meeting
    • Discussion of Vision, Issues and Concerns of the Commission Members on Issues Presented in Executive Order
    • Development of Meeting Schedule
    • Discussion of Website Development and Content

    October 5-6, 2000 - Coordination of CAM Research & Achievements, Opportunities, Obstacles and Solutions
    • Public Input and Research Priorities
    • Federal Support for CAM Research
    • Academic Centers and Support for CAM Research
    • Research Support and Collaborations at the NIH
    • Facilitating CAM Research and Regulatory Challenges
    • Research in the Regulatory Framework
    • Outcomes Research - Interface between CAM Research and Regulatory Agencies
    • Outcomes Research - CAM Research and Experimental Study Design
    • Guiding Principles of CAM Perspectives and Practices
    • Support for CAM Research - The Not-for-Profit Sector
    • Support for CAM Research - The Private Sector
    • Support for CAM Research - Federal Agency Support

    December 4-5, 2000 - Access and Delivery of CAM Services
    • Utilization of CAM Services and Products
    • Cost Effectiveness of Selected CAM Services
    • Clinical Effectiveness of Selected CAM Services
    • Use of CAM for Selected Health Conditions
    • Issues in Integrating CAM in Service Delivery
    • Meeting Public Needs: Systems of CAM Delivery at Community Health Clinics, in Private Practice and Hospital-based Centers, in Hospice Care, at Academic Research Centers and in Managed Care Organizations.

    February 22-23, 2001 - Training, Education, Credentialing and Licensing of CAM Practices
    • CAM Education and Training: Establishing Educational Programs
    • Continuing CAM Education and Training - Building Knowledge and Skills
    • CAM Credentialing and Licensure - Assuring Quality and Accountability in CAM Practices

    March 26-27, 2001 - Development and Dissemination of CAM Information
    • CAM in the Media - Newspapers, Magazines, Television and Radio
    • CAM in the Media - The Internet
    • Evaluation of available CAM Information
    • Marketing and Advertising of CAM Services and Products

    March 27, 2001 - CAM in Wellness and Self Care
    • Integrative Approaches to Wellness - Children, Families and Communities
    • Integrative Approaches to Wellness - Nutrition
    • Integrative Approaches to Wellness with Self-Care

    May 14-15, 2001 - Coordination of CAM Research
    • Not-for-Profit Support for CAM Research
    • Investigating the Scientific Bases of CAM Practices
    • Approaches to Evaluating CAM Research Literature
    • Challenges of CAM Research and Research Training
    • Peer Reviews of CAM Research Results in the Published Literature

    May 15-16, 2001 - Coverage and Reimbursement of CAM Services
    • Health Care Financing in the United States
    • Federal Purchasers
    • State Perspectives
    • Employer Coverage
    • The Underinsured, Uninsured and Minorities
    • Health Plans and CAM Benefits
    • Healthcare Insurance - Providers Perspectives
    • Evolving Health Care Systems

    July 2-3, 2001 - Discussion of Interim Progress Report

    October 4-6, 2001 - Discussion of Draft Recommendations

    December 6-7, 2001 - Discussion of Draft Final Report and Recommendations

    February 21-22, 2002 - Discussion of Draft Final Report, Recommendations, and Actions

    Town Hall Meetings

    September 8, 2000 - San Francisco, CA

    October 30-31, 2000 - Seattle, WA

    January 23, 2001 - New York City, NY

    March 16, 2001 - Minneapolis, MN

    Topics Discussed
    • Access, Financing and Reimbursement of CAM Practices and Products
    • Integration of CAM into Health Care Delivery Systems
    • Dietary Supplements and Herbal Products
    • Education of CAM Providers
    • Education of Health Professionals
    • Culturally - Based Healing Traditions
    • Regulation of CAM Practices and Products
    • Washington State and Minnesota State Legislation of CAM Practices and Products
    • Development and Dissemination of CAM-Related Information
    • Accountability of CAM Providers

    The transcripts, agendas, and other information pertaining to all Commission Meetings and Town Hall Meetings are available on the Commission's website,