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Transmittal Letters
Commission Members
Chairman's Vision
Executive Summary

1. Introduction
2. Overview
3. Coordination of Research
4. Education & Training of Health Care Practitioners
5. Information Development & Dissemination
6. Access & Delivery
7. Coverage & Reimbursement
8. Wellness and Health Promotion
9. Coordinating Federal CAM Efforts
10.    Recommendations & Actions

•  Acronyms
A.    •  Executive Order
•  Commission Charter
B.    •  10 Rules for Health Care Reform
•  Pew Task Force Recommendations
C.    Commission Meetings
D.    General & Town Hall Meeting Participants
E.    Organizations Providing Information on Education and Training
F.    Workgroup Members
G.    Statement from Commissioners

    List of Acronyms

    AAMC:   Association of American Medical Colleges

    AACOM:   American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine

    AANP:   American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

    AER:   Adverse Events Reporting System

    AHRQ:   Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

    AMA:   American Medical Association

    BHPr:   Bureau of Health Professions

    BPHC:   Bureau of Primary Health Care

    CDCP:   Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    CME:   Continuing Medical Education

    CMS:   Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (formerly the Health Care Financing Administration)

    CSPC:   Consumer Product Safety Commission

    D.C.:   Doctor of Chiropractic

    DOD:   Department of Defense

    D.O.:   Doctor of Osteopathy

    DOEd:   Department of Education

    DSHEA:   Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act

    GSA:   General Services Administration

    FDA:   Food and Drug Administration

    FSMB:   Federation of State Medical Boards

    FTC:   Federal Trade Commission

    GAO:   Government Accounting Office

    GMP:   Good Manufacturing Practices

    HIPAA:   Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

    HMO:   Health Maintenance Organization

    HRSA:   Health Resources & Services Administration

    IHS:   Indian Health Service

    IOM:   Institute of Medicine

    L.Ac:   Licensed Acupuncturist

    M.D.:   Medical Doctor

    MEPS:   Medical Expenditure Panel Survey.

    MSOP:   Medical Schools Objectives Project

    NAS:   National Academy of Sciences

    NASA:   National Aeronautics and Space Administration

    NCCAM:   National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

    NCI:   National Cancer Institute

    N.D.:   Naturopathic Doctor

    NHSC:   National Health Services Corps.

    NIH:   National Institutes of Health

    NLEA:   Nutrition Labeling and Education Act

    NLM:   National Library of Medicine

    NSF:   National Science Foundation

    ODS:   Office of Dietary Supplements

    OIG:   Office of the Inspector General

    OMB:   Office of Management and Budget

    OMH:   Office of Minority Health

    OSTP:   Office of Science and Technology Policy

    OWH:   Office of Women's Health

    PHS:   Public Health Service

    PPO:   Preferred Provider Organization

    SAMSHA:   Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

    SBA:   Small Business Administration

    SBIR:   Small Business Innovative Research Program

    STTR:   Small Business Technology Transfer Research Program

    USDA:   United States Department of Agriculture

    USP:   United States Pharmacopeia

    VA:   Department of Veterans Affairs

    WHCCAMP:   White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy

    WHO:   World Health Organization