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Robert B. Killebrew, Colonel (USA ret.)


National Defense Fellow, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada (l984-85)

US Naval War College (l983)

 M.A., International Relations, Salve Regina University (l983)

M.A., History, University of South Florida (l982)

B.A., Political Science, The Citadel (l965)


Instructor in Military Strategy and Operations, US Army War College (l992-94)

Study Member, Project on Military Cultures, Center for Strategic and International Studies

 Participant in Navy's global War Game Series, Newport, Rhode Island

Study Member (security strategies), Project for a New American Century

Consultant, Toffler Associates

Fellow, Landpower Institute, Association of the United States Army

Consultant to various armed service projects centered on future warfare, national security

   strategies, missile and space defense, power projection and other subjects

 Active Duty Developer and Deputy Director of the Army After Next project

Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff, US Army

War plans officer, XVIII Airborne Corps

War plans officer, Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force


Over the past 20 years, articles related to military and strategic affairs in various journals, most

Recently "Army Force Projection" in Armed Forces Journal International , October, l999

Conventional War and Total Deterrence, Scholarly Resources, Wilmington, DE, 1986