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Customer Service Employee Empowerment

Cutting Red Tape Cutting Back to Basics

Agency for International Development

Lessons Without Borders: Local Problems, Global Solutions

Procurement Reforms

Reengineering USAID

Department of Agriculture

Minneapolis Procurement Savings for Agriculture

Department of Commerce

Dealing with Defense Downsizing

Employee Friendly Practices

Reinventing Boulder Laboatories

Restructuring Our Organization

Using Technology to Improve Customer Service

Department of Defense

U.S. Air Force: Electronic Systems Center

U.S. Army: Total Army Quality

U.S. Navy: Quality for our Customers, Improvement for our Future

Department of Education

Institutional Quality Assurance at Education

Department of Energy

Bonneville Power Administration Helps Itself

$59 Million of Cost Reductions and Productivity mprovements

Oak Ridge Discovers New Ways to Save Tax Dollars Through Columbus Initiative

Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Labor and Employee Relations

Intergovernmental Collaboration Saves Money

Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA Labor Management

General Services Administration

Deviating From the FAR for Reinvention Labs

Improving GSA Customer Service by Cutting Red Tape

Department of Health and Human Services

Continuous Improvement in San Francisco Region

Georgia Common Access Application Reduces Red Tape

Improving Customer Services in the Public Health Service

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Federal Housing Authority--Denver Processing Center

Reinventing the Nation's Approach to Homelessness

Strategies to Reduce Drugs and Crime in Public Housing

Intelligence Community

IC Reinvention Laboratory Works to Speed Intelligence Searches

Quality Efforts Merit National Recognition for CIA's Office of Information Technology

Working to Standardize Testing at Government Language Schools

Department of Interior

Electronic Outreach on the Internet

Eliminating Burdensome Regulations

Royalty Gas Marketing Pilot

Department of Justice

Law Enforcement Coordination

Redeployment of Headquarters Agents to the Field

Reinventing Crime Fighting through Increased Efficiency

Department of Labor

Farm Labor Appeals Board Pilot

Surplus Computers Sold to DOL Employees

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA Johnson Space Center

TQM at the Kennedy Space Center

Department of State

National Passport Center--Improved Customer Service with Taxpayer Savings

State Department Provides Improved Service to the American Business Community

Department of Transportation

Emergency Response

Enhanced Environmental Coordination

Make New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) Information More Accessible and Useful to the Public

Ticketing as a Simplified Process for Civil Penalty Violation Cases

Department of Treasury

Financial Management Support Services (FMS)

Internal Revenue Service Center in Fresno

United States Information Agency

Labor Relations at USIA

Department of Veterans Affairs

VA Medical Center Reinvents Patient Care

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