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Federal Emergency Management Agency

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Federal Emergency Management Agency

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A Program Summary

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the central agency within the Federal government for emergency planning, preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery. Working closely with State and local governments, FEMA funds emergency programs and offers technical guidance and training. FEMA stands ready to deploy any Federal resource in a catastrophic disaster. These coordinated activities ensure a broad-based program to protect life and property and provide recovery assistance after a disaster.

The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) and its National Fire Academy (NFA) are a part of FEMA, providing national leadership in fire safety and prevention. The Federal Insurance Administration (FIA), also a part of FEMA, manages the National Flood Insurance Program and crime insurance programs. The Emergency Management Institute (EMI) at Emmitsburg, Maryland offers centralized professional courses for the nation's emergency managers.

FEMA's programs include response to and recovery from major natural disasters and man-caused emergencies, emergency management planning, flood-plain management, hazardous materials planning, dam safety and multi-hazard response planning. Other activities include off-site planning for emergencies at commercial nuclear power plants and the Army's chemical stockpile sites, emergency food and shelter funding for the homeless, plans to ensure the continuity of the Federal government during nationals security emergencies and the Federal response to the consequences of major terrorists incidents.

The agency, with its 2,700 employees in Washington and ten regional offices, reports directly to the White House. FEMA manages the President's Disaster Relief Fund, the source of most Federal funding assistance after major disasters. Program and budget oversight comes from 24 Congressional committees and subcommittees. FEMA's operating budget for FY 1994 is $788 million for 140 different programs.

FEMA Director, James Lee Witt, 50, was appointed by President Clinton in 1993. Prior to that Witt had served Arkansas for over 16 years, as the chief elected official of Yell County and Director of Arkansas Office of Emergency Services.

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