National Aeronautics and Space Administration


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Mission Statement

Vision, Mission, and Goals


NASA is an investment in America's future. As explores, pioneers, and innovators, we boldly expand frontiers in air and space to inspire and serve America and to benefit the quality of life on Earth.


It is NASA's mission to:

-- Explore, use, and enable the development of space for human enterprise

-- Advance scientific knowledge and understanding of the Earth, the Solar System, and the Universe and use the environment of space for research

-- Research, develop, verify, and transfer advanced aeronautics, space, and related technologies

In fulfilling its mission, NASA contributes to America's goals in:

-- Economic Growth and Security. We conduct aeronautics and space research and develop technology in partnership with industry, academia, and other Federal agencies to keep America capable and competitive.

-- Preserving the Environment. We study the Earth as a planet and as a system to understand global change, enabling the world to address environmental issues.

-- Educational Excellence. We involve the educational community in our endeavors to inspire America's students, create learning opportunities, and enlighten inquisitive minds.

-- Peaceful Exploration and Discovery. We explore the Universe to enrich human life by stimulating intellectual curiosity, opening new worlds of opportunity, and uniting nations of the world in this quest.


We will be at the forefront of exploration and science. We will develop and transfer cutting-edge technologies in aeronautics and space. We will establish a permanent human presence in space.

As we pursue our mission, we will enrich our Nation's society and economy. We will contribute to a better life for this and future generations.

In the longer term, it is our goal to undertake bold and noble challenges--exciting future programs, such as the return of humans to the Moon and human missions to Mars, which stir the imagination and fall within our and our international partners' technical and financial grasp.

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