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Federal Executive Boards

Federal Executive Boards and Federal Executive Associations are our partners in reinventing government over the nation. President Clinton, in a 1994 memorandum, asked these organizations to assume a leadership role, especially in helping government improve its service to its customers. The next year, these organizations published a composite annual report that included their reinvention efforts.

FEBs and FEAs played a key role in helping organize the customer-friendly government Blue Pages. They are also important players in the welfare-to-work initiative. Some FEBs are experimenting with new ways of serving customers, such as one-stop stores. These facilities involve cooperative partnerships between federal, state, and/or local governments. One-stop stores make it easier for their customers (often the public or small businesses) to obtain service at a central location.

FEBs and FEAs also screen nominations for Vice President Gore's Hammer Awards. This award goes to teams of federal workers and their partners for their achievements in creating a government that works better and costs less--and delivering results important to the American people. Today, FEB and FEA leaders are ambassadors of reinvention in their local communities. Some are helping facilitate interagency Conversations with America to learn what government services Americans realy care about. The Office of Personnel Management oversees the FEB and FEA program. NPR's contact for their reinvention activities is Linda Walker, (404) 331-4762, or

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