U. S. General Stores/ One-Stop Capital Shops Inventory

These facilities all involve cooperative partnerships between federal, state, and/or local governments, and are established to make it easier for their customers (often the public or small businesses) to obtain service at a central location. Some of these facilities are geared primarily to small business or are financed by grants, and others are financed and staffed by the participating agencies. Federal Executive Boards and Associates in cities across the country coordinate these efforts. There are some other Small Business Administration (SBA) One Stop Capital Shops which have recently opened, or plan to open in the fall of 1996 or in 1997 (Kentucky Highlands, Somerset, KY; Rio Grande Valley, Edinburg, Texas; New York, New York; Baltimore, Maryland; Detroit, Michigan; Los Angeles; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Oakland, California; Tacoma, Washington; Houston, Texas; Mid-Delta, MS ).

Location Type of Facility
Atlanta U.S. General Store
Boston City of Boston Business Assistance Center (SBA One Stop Capital Shop)
Buffalo Business Assistance Center
Houston U. S. General Store for Small Business
Kansas City SBA One - Stop Capital Stop
Philadelphia/CamdenOne - Stop SBA Capital Shop
Portland "Nature of the Northwest" (cooperative agreement between Forest Service and State of Oregon)
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